Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today, after we hung out at Peter Piper Pizza with friends, we went to work on breaking down Christmas and cleaning our house up! The kids and I got all the Christmas stuff put away in two large plastic boxes. I've become a master organizer for Christmas stuff! All breakable ornaments were wrapped in newspaper and stored in liquor boxes with dividers I got from a restaurant that sells alcohol. Non-breakables were put in cookie tins which I've collected over the years from gifts. I have no idea where I'm going to put these two large boxes along with two Christmas tree boxes in our tiny condo. I'll figure something out.

I cleaned up a little more tonight after the kids went to my moms and Rob was at work. Got laundry put away that I've been avoiding for several days. I loaded and ran the dishwasher and took quite a bit of trash out. I've been chasing a smell in our house for a couple weeks and realized it was coming from the beautiful flower arrangement I got on the 18th from a friends wedding. So I had to toss it but I now have a nice vase for decoration.

I'm tired!

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