Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm not going to complain about school. I love it and it's going to give me a great future! Yesterday I was bored to death because the information taught I know like the back of my hand. This isn't a bad thing since it gives me more time to focus on the other information. I do have one tiny gripe though. My homework has a WORD SEARCH in it! I'm not in the 3rd grade here! I need to learn this stuff, not play games!!!!

I heart clouds!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today in a Nutshell

So my thoughts for the blog today consist of two topics; school and my new venture, walking and getting healthy. The topics don't relate to each other except that they are both starts to a new and better life for me and my family.

I had my orientation at school today. I start tomorrow and I am so very excited and appropriately scared. I'm going into the RCP(Respiratory Care Practitioner) program at Kaplan College.

I will graduate at the end of 2012 and from there my options in my career and really in life are limitless! There seem to be some really great, motivated, people in my class. This is a relief to me as I have taken SO many class with young punks who have no idea what life is about and don't care to really listen, learn, or be respectful of others.

I'm sure my blog will be filled with all the triumphs, frustrations, and observations from college. I have much I could say here today but I will only touch on a bit of the humorous of the day. If you've seen the TV show Angel then you will totally relate and laugh. If you don't, well then this will be lost on you. In season 5 each of the characters take over a division of Wolfram and Hart. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce takes over their research division. He goes from previous seasons of having every occult book under the sun, as every Watcher has, to a library of a few magic reference books that he is told will find him ANYTHING he is looking for. Well as I sit in the library at school listening to the librarian talk about the limitless resources at our fingertips I look around the very small room and the 2 shelves of books and pray dearly that they are magic!

When I got home from school I took my daily walk around our lake. This was my breathtaking view!

It's literally right out my back door but I'm not sure how long the distance is around it. I need to find this out (I'm think half a mile to a mile). Yesterday I walked it, with 5lb weights on each ankle, in about 25 minutes. Today I walked it again, with my ankle weights, in about 20 minutes and this time stopped three times to take a pictures and slowed once to go around a flock of geese, ducks, and mud hens.
January 4 - 4 days on the wagon, 3 days eating healthy, and 2 days exercising! It's gonna be and awesome 2011!

Weather in the 85029 (January 3, 2011)

Weather in the 85029

School Paper Organization

I have a magazine holder for each of my children. Their school work is deposited into them each day after school. The plan is to make a scrapbook for each child at the end of each year. I'll let u know how I'm gonna pull off such HUGE scrapbooks when I figure it out. ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (a few days late)

Here is to the positivity that I want in my life from now on! 2011 is a start to what will be. I start school for respiratory therapy on the 5th! I am sooo beyond excited. The next two years will probably be the HARDEST years I have EVER experienced. To be honest I don't think I've had to experience much 'hard' in my life. I am very blessed. Even though I was raised by a single mother I never experienced anything truly traumatic as a child.  Even though I married a man who did not deserve me or the children I gave him I never experienced loss or anguish.  The last few years of my life, when I decided to strike out against what I was raised to think was 'right' I have been homeless, trampled on, hurt, and still I felt no real loss because I had my children. Then in 2009 my Papa was called home to our Father in Heaven and that is the biggest hit my life has ever taken. The only man who spent his life loving and guiding me as if that was his only duty was gone. If you've known the loss of a father and grandfather in the same moment and watched them suffer and die in that moment then you know of my loss.  In 2010 my Uncle Dirty (Kirk) passed away from psoriasis of the liver. This was the 2nd and last father figure in my life. And once again experienced watching a loved one die in front of my face. Both these deaths hit me hard but I moved on with them in my heart with a clear head knowing I'd be alright. Now I face watching my Grandmother deteriorate slowly. She probably has 5-10 years left in her but it will hard to watch her move into this last stage of life. But I'm thinking the next two years in school will just be more voluminously difficult. I KNOW I will see those people who pass on again. My only uncertainty is my success here in this life. So far I feel kind of medocrly successful.  It is time for 2011 to change from mediocre to AWESOME!  So here it is Jan 3 and I'm 3 days on the wagon, 2 days eating healthy, and 1 day exercising. I think I'm off to a good start! Bring it on SCHOOL!